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April 16th, 2011

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06:44 am - Hope Chest
I always thought it was silly to have a floofy white dress one would wear only once. It's a funny sentiment to hear from a person who has a quilt that she's had hanging in her closet for five years and has never fully seen.

I'm not even sure what I want my dress to look like—a strapless evening gown in mint sateen caught our attention a long time ago that now only seems to exist here fits my vague desires:

Yet, even before we get the dress or finally, finally set an official date, I want to buy this necklace and put it away:

It's simple and sometime I'd love wearing any day, any day after that one. It also matches the ring we've picked out for me splendidly:

Bear in mind the band would be far thinner for me.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Dress and Tie - Charlene Kaye & Darren Criss

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