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"Sing all your questions to sleep" - dinosaurquill

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April 28th, 2011

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12:37 pm - "Sing all your questions to sleep"
I almost can't believe we're going to be living together again so soon. It's made real in tiny flashes of conversation: R reminding me it's right by North Quad or offhandedly mentioning that we should look for a rug wide enough to fit between the hardwood floor and our bed. I'm hopeful and irrationally scared. I haven't even seen the place yet and I'm worried about kitchen space and the scent of my shampoo annoying him.

It's important to remember the now unique sensation of falling asleep on my back. One loosely curled hand will rest on my clavicle and one leg will hook heavily above my knee. His breathing will chill and tickle my shoulder and I'll try to cover it by tugging up the sheets just a little without waking him. Depending on the success of that attempt, I'll quickly join him in sleep or be kept awake just a little longer to try and appreciate how lucky I am to be in this situation.
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